T.I.C This is China

In this book Tove Vine tell the story of how for year she felt she was living ‘the wrong life’ and at the age of 57 she was brave enough to make a huge change in her life. She sold off all her belongings; put on a backpack and went to China to teach English. Tove tells a fascinating story of how China changed her into becoming the person she always wanted to be. This is the tale of her incredible journey of discoveries and about how a middle age woman can dramatically changed her life and became an adventurous fulfilled woman making a difference in the lives of thousands of Chinese children and enrich their lives to prepare them for their future. Tove, being of Viking descent, became known to her friends in China as ‘Tove the Brave’ as she travelled mostly alone in a country where she didn’t speak the language. The book is about being brave enough to make a huge change in your life in middle age, leave behind everything that is familiar and set out on a journey of discoveries that will bring enormous rewards along the way. Being able to touch the lives of the people she met along the way in a positive way. Tove gives wonderful examples of how a middle age woman can dramatically changed her life and follow her dream.

Book Launch was 30 January 2014 at Lord Stanley Hotel 994 Stanley Street East Brisbane.

About Author

Tove Vine was born in Denmark into a poor family; she was child number 11 of 13 children. During her childhood there was a great deal of hardship, as it was often difficult for her parents to provide the necessities for the family. Due to the financial hardship, Tove had to leave school before her 15th birthday and make her own way in the world working as a maid and factory worker before obtaining a three-year apprenticeship in a large company and studied for a business college diploma part-time.

At age nineteen she ventured to London, where she worked as an au pair for a wealthy Jewish family and met her future Australian husband while on holiday with the family on Jersey Island in the English Channel. Three years later she immigrated to Australia, where she married and had one daughter.

The years in Australia were spent in Newcastle, Townsville and Brisbane working as a beauty consultant, a business owner and later as an accountant. Due to her lack of education, Tove never stopped studying in her spare time as a mature-aged student.

In 2003 Tove (now divorced) decided to change her life completely, selling most of her possessions and moving to China to become an English teacher. She wanted to fulfil a childhood dream of becoming a teacher and also wanted to live in China.

After one year working for an English training centre, Tove established her own school called “Miss Tove’s English School.”