Because Tove knows the heartbreak of not being able to obtain a high school education, she feels passionately about helping to educate poor children. During her holidays she travels to teach English as a volunteer in orphanages in Asian countries. Tove has also established the Nepal philanthropy project which includes supporting the education of poor children. While teaching as a volunteer in Kathmandu Tove also started “Miss Tove’s Hygiene Program” which provides soap, handtowels, toothpaste as well as toothbrushes and teaches poor children to wash their hands before they eat to prevent sickness as well as brushing their teeth. She also supports poor children in Nepal and in a mountain village in Guizhou (China) with second-hand clothes, toys and books which she collects from her Chinese students.

While teaching as a volunteer in an orphanage and helping out in a Charity Hospital in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Tove saw the need to establish a library in the Charity hospital to supply reading material for the poor sick patients as well as toys and children books for the sick children who had to spend time in the hospital.

Tove is donating 20% of the profit of the sales of her books to support and expand her philanthropy work.

Tove’s motto is: “If I can help I must” – so everywhere she travels and she sees help is needed she helps.

Should you wish to help Tove expand her Philanthropy Project and sponsor a poor child in Nepal Please contact her on & Facebook Page

100% of the donation will go directly to the child. There are no administration costs.