G.A.P. Get a Purpose

After 10 years of experience teaching English in China, as well as teaching as a volunteer in orphanages in Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, India and Nepal, Tove has a wealth of experience in teaching English as a second language. In this book Tove is sharing her teaching experiences, as well as valuable advice for women who wish to make a change in the third chapter of their lives. Tove also wishes to inspire young people to take a GAP year after their studies to teach English as a second language in Asia. The experience for a young person to live in a different country teaching English and learning about a new culture can be very rewarding for their future.

Tove describes how she felt she was “living the wrong life,” but not until age 57 was she brave enough to make a change and start a new life. Tove did not have a teaching background, but she had the courage to leave the familiar comfortable life and step into the unknown. She allowed her natural instinct to guide her through the first challenging months of teaching English as a second language in China.

This book is an inspirational story full of guidance about how anyone—from a middle-aged woman to a young person just starting their adult life—can achieve success in a new country without being able to speak the language. It is about being brave enough to step out into the unknown and start a new life and how anyone can make a difference by teaching English as a second language in an Asian country.

Tove wants to share her 10 years of teaching experiences, as well as to inspire women to realize it is never too late—or too early—to start a new life and leave the world a better place.

About Author

For the last ten years Tove has lived in China teaching English as a second language to kindergarten,primary, middle and high school students, as well as to university students and business executives.

Tove has lived an amazing life of being loved by the many children she has taught, as well as enjoying the respect and admiration from the parents.

As well as teaching Chinese children, Tove has also taught Japanese children in China and during her holidays she travels to teach English as a second language as a volunteer in orphanages in several Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Tibet and Nepal.

Tove has a wealth of teaching experience, having established nine private English schools over the past ten years, as well as teaching for English Training Centres and many schools.

Tove Vine was born in Denmark into a poor family; she was the eleventh of thirteen children.During her childhood there was a great deal of hardship, as it was often difficult for her parents to provide the necessities for the family. Due to the financial hardship, Tove had to leave school before her fifteenth birthday and make her own way in the world. She worked as a maid and factory worker before obtaining a three-year apprenticeship in a large company and studying for a business college diploma part-time.

At age nineteen she ventured to London, where she worked as an au pair for a wealthy Jewish family and met her future Australian husband while on holiday with the family on Jersey Island in the English Channel. Three years later she immigrated to Australia, where she married and had one daughter.

The years in Australia were spent in Newcastle, Townsville and Brisbane working as a beauty consultant, a business owner and later as an accountant. Due to her lack of education, Tove never stopped studying in her spare time as a mature-aged student.

In 2003 Tove (now divorced) decided to change her life completely, selling most of her possessions and moving to China to become an English teacher. She wanted to fulfil a childhood dream of becoming a teacher and also wanted to live in China.

Now, ten years later, Tove is well-established in China and is living life to the fullest making a difference in the lives of thousands of Chinese children.