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Tove’s Amazing Journey

Future book event and speaking engagements to be advised as Tove Vine is currently in China living her amazing life. She will return to Brisbane Australia the end of January 2015 for more event. So stay tune. Tove’s story is inspiring. She tells the story of how for years she felt she was living ‘the wrong life’ and at the age of 57 was brave enough to make a huge change in her life. She sold off all her belongings, put on a backpack and went to China to teach English. Tove tells a fascinating story of how China set her on the path to becoming the person she always wanted to be. This is the tale of her incredible journey of discoveries and how a middle age woman can dramatically change her life. She became an adventurous fulfilled woman making a difference in the lives of thousands of Chinese children, enriching their lives to prepare them for their future. Tove, being of Viking descent, became known to her friends in China as ‘Tove the Brave’ as she travelled mostly alone in a country where she didn’t speak the language. The book is about being brave enough to make a huge life change in middle age. How to leave behind everything that is familiar and set out on a journey of discovery that will bring enormous rewards along the way. She is able to touch the lives of the people she encountered in a positive way. Tove provides a wonderful example of how a middle age woman can dramatically change her life and follow her dream