How do you change your life?

What are the steps you need to take? Instead of taking the safe path, Tove Vine exploded out of her comfort zone in 2003 at 57 to teach English in China. In her book G.A.P. Get A Purpose she shows how you can explode out of yours. Grab your copy of the first chapter of her book HERE.


T.I.C This is China

In this book Tove Vine tell the story of how for year she felt she was living ‘the wrong life’ and at the age of 57 she was brave enough to make a huge change in her life. She sold

M.A.D. Making a Difference in China

In her second book Tove continues to fascinate the readers with her tales of courage and bravery as she continues her teaching and travelling adventures in China. Tove draws us into her world by her brilliant descriptions of her classroom experience

G.A.P. Get a Purpose

After 10 years of experience teaching English in China, as well as teaching as a volunteer in orphanages in Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, India and Nepal, Tove has a wealth of experience in teaching English as a second language. In this


Tove Vine is one of those rare people who are wonderful role-models for all of humanity. If we each lived our lives the way that she has, the world would be an even better place. Her story will inspire you to realise that you could indeed do the same thing: To fully live, to help others, to experience the grand adventure of your life. And especially, to choose to let go and make a difference. Tony Ryan (Global Consultant, Speaker, Author of 'The Ripple Effect' Past President of National Speakers Association of Australia Australian Ambassador for School Aid)

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